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U of Penn soccer camp - just for money

by R

Signed daughter up for several camps. She is a rising junior. Hopes there would be some evaluation and future recruiting. I read in many places that a HS player who wants to play at a certain school should certainly go to their camp. The camp Website stated that a player is placed with equal ability group. NOT. She was placed with a team at the very beginning, NO ASSESSMENT at all. I was very surprised when my daughter called and told me that she was randomly placed with players a year younger from a local team and that they were NOT good players.

I verified this on last day game. I'd rate them as C bracket at best in tournaments and many appeared no better than rec level! My daughter was allowed to play in staff game against and with a top 10 Div 1 team. Um...she stopped ALL comers for one hour. Nobody scored on her and they were not holding back as my daughter was actually called for a foul after she leveled one of them. She's been all conference in HS since freshman.

Was that adequate for her to be added to a future recruitment list? Apparently not and the assistant associate coach from another college who coached her for three days did NOT even watch the staff game. What??

Conclusion: Of course the camp was three days of "soccer", some basic training, a get-away. But do not go to this camp because your kid wants to attend the school and is near recruitment age. Nobody may even be watching them for that purpose. How could my daughter play against the actual Div 1 players as a rising Junior in HS, stop all forwards, even have one curse as she lost the ball to my daughter, and then I am told by the camp director..."Had a few looks at her, I know she is not at MD level".

I expected something different. I expected that University to be working with her among players of her level and getting to KNOW her. Whether they wanted to recruit her or not is another issue entirely but HOW can the assistant coach there make such an assessment after stating she did not really get to see her much?

My daughter plays on several clubs and has all the weak interaction with less talented players that she needs already. I did not spend $550++ to have her do some more of this. My mistake. Call coaches and make sure your kid is guaranteed to be looked at PROPERLY if this is why you are attending!! I have checked with U of Penn and I am assured this will, NOT happen. She is ready to be a Junior and I need some real assesment by the schools that she is interested in.

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