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New Soccer Coach
Step-by-Step Instruction for Youth Soccer Coaches

Are you a New Soccer Coach?

First let's see if the following scenarios relate in any way to your situation:

  • You've just volunteered for a soccer coach of your kid's team, because nobody else had the guts to step up

  • All the parents of your kid's team appointed you as a coach, because at least you'd had coached a little league baseball team for one season

  • You've been thinking of taking coaching position at your local soccer club, so you could impress your children

How am I doing so far? Do any of these or similar scenarios apply to your case?

If yes, we are off a good start.   Let's go on then.

You don't know much about soccer and have little or no experience coaching but of course you'll take your new "career" seriously, therefore you are in the hunt for assistance…the effective assistance. You already "earned" the soccer coach title but now you must become one. Fast.

But where do you start?

Well…you already!

No, I will not teach you how to become a soccer coach. Even though I've been around soccer coaches all my life and I have many years of playing experience, I'd rather send you to the Experts you could learn from.

Learn how to:

  • Organize a coaching program,
  • Organize your team,
  • Communicate with your players and parents,
  • Plan your season and practices,
  • Conduct effective practices,
  • Help your players with emotional, social, physical and mental development,
  • Teach skills and tactics

It's not easy. Even for those with some experience or knowledge of the game. But it's not so hard and definitely it's not impossible!

At first you'll need a good book(s) covering the basics. Some kind of manual or step-by-step instruction. Not only pure drills and exercises.

I've done tons of research on coaching soccer resources and I found an excellent educational material covering all above issues and much more.

I seriously think it's a winner. Well, actually it's a book …but for me it really stands out from many others I've come across.
In fact this is an E-Book, so you can download it and start your coaching education right away.
Especially designed for beginning soccer coach that know little or nothing about youth soccer...and need to learn in a hurry.

"Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team"

Highly Recommended Book for Soccer Coach-More Details This book is divided into three parts.

  1. Administrative Concerns
    This section of the book covers the more general topics related to coaching soccer: coaching philosophy, goal setting, communication, organizing a new or existing program, and similar topics.
  2. Instructional Guide
    This part of the book describes the mechanics of setting up and directing practice sessions. It includes elements of good offensive and defensive plays, use of practice space, key concepts to emphasize during practices and how to account for player size and skill level.
  3. Exercises
    The last segment contains over 100 soccer drills and exercises equally effective for both beginners and advanced players. It covers all the most important categories of soccer skills and tactics: passing, shooting, heading, feints, wall play, leaving, overlapping, defensive plays and goalie practice.
  4. Read my full review
"Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team" - product of FUNdamental Soccer - comes as a package with Two Free Bonuses.

Both bonuses are the E-Books written by Koach Karl Dewazien, United States Soccer Federation 'A' Licensed Coach.

"FUNdamental Soccer for Clueless Parents"
Free Bonus - More Details In my opinion, the best soccer book for…clueless parents. It covers all aspects of soccer every soccer parent must know. It's written in format of comic book. I think it's a very interesting way of presenting fundamentals of not only soccer, but anything. It's easy to read, understand and it's fun.

"Make Friends with the Soccer Ball"
Free Bonus - More Details It's a good supplement to the Part III of "Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team" with more drills and exercises for developing good technique, speed, power, and control of the ball.

Read my reviews on these Free Bonuses.

I really think that this package is an Ultimate Starting Kit for any youth soccer coach…from the complete beginner to one with already some experience. Still not convinced?

It's risk free. Literally.

The FUNdamental Soccer guarantees its product's quality with the full refund, if you are not fully satisfied. In fact "you must be absolutely delighted with it". And what's even better, you can keep the bonuses just for trying it out.

I know. You can't go wrong with this one...I   t o l d   you.

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