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Adidas F50 Tunit
Soccer Footwear Revolution

After Predator Absolute, Adidas released another new soccer cleats - Adidas F50 Tunit, the new version of Adidas F50.

Adidas F50 Tunit Set


Adidas F50 Tunit

The Adidas F50 Tunit is constructed from three interchangeable components: the upper, the chassis and the studs. Each component comes in a variety of styles and functions. Simply by mixing and matching their components of choice, each player can easily build and tune their soccer cleats (boots).

The Upper

Adidas F50 Tunit - Standard Upper Standard - specially developed adiHex microfiber is thin, soft and strong. According to Adidas "the use of this unique material allows Adidas to produce a very lightweight, yet highly resistant performance boot. The end result: a stunning looking, incredible durable, very comfortable and easy to maintain football boot". There are many different colors to choose from.

Adidas F50 Tunit - ClimaCool Upper ClimaCool - ClimaCool provides a 360° cooling effect for the entire foot through the adiHex/mesh upper construction and ventilation cutouts in the outsole. It comes only in one color (so far).

Adidas F50 Tunit - Leather Upper

Full-grain Leather - New! Here is the option for those who don't like soccer cleats made of any synthetic material. For now, it's only available it one color.

Two more "innovations":
ClimaWarm - the upper that supposedly keep your feet warm and dry during cold and wet weather conditions.

Wide Last - this one is for players with wide feet. Unfortunately I haven't been able to establish how much wider this upper is than the Standard one. As soon as I find out I'll let you know.

I didn't include pictures, because they look exactly the same as the Standard upper.

The Chassis

Lightweight/ClimaCool Chassis

Lightweight/ClimaCool - provides reduced weight through less material usage for maximum speed and quickness. This chassis also features ClimaCool material for moisture management. It weights 3.2 oz.

Comfort Chassis

Comfort - provides additional comfort, cushioning and shock absorption at high pressure points, such as the heel and the forefoot ball area. This chassis weights 4.2 oz.

Orthopedic Chassis

Orthopedic - features reduced size of the sock liner to allow the usage of personal orthopedic in-socks. Its weight: 3.8 oz.

The Studs

Soft Ground Studs
Soft Ground (SG) - used on soft and/or very wet pitch. These studs have aluminum tips and come in two lengths: 16" for the heel area and 13" for the forefoot area.

Firm Ground Studs
Firm Ground (FG) - used on…firm and dry natural fields. They are made of TPU; the length for the heel area is 13" and 11" for the forefoot area.

Hard Ground Studs
Hard Ground (HG) - used on very hard and dry surfaces. These rubber studs come in 12" length for the heel area and 10" for the forefoot area.


Is the Adidas F50 Tunit really a revolutionary soccer cleat (boot)?

I don't think so. I don't think it will cause a "revolution" in the soccer footwear industry but it's definitely a different concept of manufacturing soccer cleats.

It allows players to customize and tune their cleats (boots) to any weather, any pitch and their very own personal style. It's like having two or three different styles of soccer cleats and being able to combine their elements in several different ways. It's kind of cool but nothing revolutionary.

There is nothing new about changing studs for different field conditions.
There is nothing new about switching chassis or insoles with different characteristics.
There is nothing new about having different colors of soccer cleats.

What's new and cool is that we can purchase all these components separately and adjust our cleats to our preferences.

Adidas F50.7 Tunit

In 2007, after a year of releasing F50 Tunit, Adidas introduced a second version of its revolutionary cleats – F50.7 Tunit. Besides different design and colors and addition of lace-less upper, there are no major changes. That's why it didn't make too much sense to dedicate an entire page just for these cleats.

Here are some pictures of Adidas F50.7 Tunit:

Standard Upper Leather Upper Clima-Cool Upper
Adidas F50.7 Tunit Standard Upper - Click to enlarge Adidas F50.7 Tunit Leather Upper - Click to enlarge Adidas F50.7 Tunit Clima-Cool Upper - Click to enlarge

Wide-Fit Upper Lace-less Upper
Adidas F50.7 Tunit Wide-Fit Upper - Click to enlarge Adidas F50.7 Tunit Lace-less Upper - Click to enlarge

New!  Adidas F50.8 Tunit - Full Review

Adidas f50 tunit on ebay

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