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Manual for Soccer Parents
"FUNdamental Soccer for Clueless Parents"

Here is my review of, in my opinion, the best soccer book for…
...clueless soccer parents.
It covers every aspect of soccer, which all soccer parents must know. It's written in format of a comic book. I think it's a very interesting way of presenting fundamentals of not only soccer, but anything. It's easy to read, understand and it's fun.

"FUNdamental Soccer for Clueless Parents"
Available as E-Book - Courtesy of FUNdamental Soccer

Free with purchase of Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team
    Table of Contents
  • Your Child and Soccer
  • You, Your Child and the League/Club
  • How Safe is Soccer?
    • The Parents Role
    • The Leagues' (Clubs') Role
  • The Coach
  • The Manager
  • The Referee
  • Learning Soccer Together
  • Playing the Game
  • Before, During and After the Game
  • Modified Laws

I was skeptical at first of the comic book format, but by the time I've gone thru first ten pages, I was amazed. It's very informative and…funny. The drawings will crack you up.

Actually I can't believe that FUNdamental Soccer gives this book away for free.

While you, as a coach, have your own manual in "Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team", this book is the best manual for…clueless parents. Having said that, it is not only for parents without the clue. Actually I've found in this book a lot of very beneficial information, which I didn't know or I didn't think of as a soccer parent. And definitely I had not thought I was clueless.

Just to give you an idea... is the list of some issues covered in this book:

  • How soccer league or club should be organized
  • Factors you should consider while choosing the proper sports environment for your child
  • The most important questions you should ask at the meeting with the league officials or team coach
  • How safe is soccer
  • How to get involved and contribute to a team
  • What the team's needs are
  • Why the kids want to play soccer and how we, parents, should respond to it
  • How to choose the proper equipment (actually you can skip that section, just use my site)
  • How to establish team rules for games and practices
  • How to learn soccer together with your children and how to help them
  • Dos and don'ts before, during and after the game for both parents and players
And of course the main fundamentals of soccer:
  • How the game is played: attacking, defending, scoring, goalkeeping, fouls, and free kicks
  • Basic skills and techniques
  • Easy to understand basic soccer rules and referees' signals

I showed this book to some parents of my younger son's team. They loved it. So will you, or I should say…parents of your team's players.

"Make Friends with the Soccer Ball"
Available as E-Book - Courtesy of FUNdamental Soccer

Second Free Bonus
with purchase of
Organizing Your Youth
Soccer Team
Word from the Authors
"The content of this book is divided into five practice Programs. The collections of exercises are the most common variations of dribbling, turns and fakes. We have attempted to give you a clear explanation of the technical parts. The book's organization is simple and follows a similar pattern in all five Programs. Our intent is to provide material that can be used by players of all skill levels and ages."

Although, in my opinion, this book is not as substantial as "...Clueless Parents", it is a good addition to the Part III of "Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team" with more drills and exercises for developing good technique, speed, power, and control of the ball's free.

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