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As a player or a coach…you must know the soccer rules. Most of all, you have to understand how to interpret soccer rules.

As a soccer parent or soccer fan…you should. Hope my site will help.

Laws of the Game
  1. The Field of Play
  2. The Ball
  3. The Number of Players
  4. The Player's Equipment
  5. The Referee
  6. The Assistant referees
  7. The Duration of the Match
  8. The Start and Restart of Play
  9. The Ball In and Out of Play
  10. The Method of Scoring
  11. Offside
  12. Fouls and Misconduct
  13. Free Kicks
  14. The Penalty Kick
  15. The Throw-in
  16. The Goal Kick
  17. The Corner Kick
Soccer is a simple game. Therefore its rules are not very complicated. Maybe with an exception of the Offside rule, probably the most complex of all the soccer rules.

Interactive guide to Offside Law, designed by FIFA, will make you clearly understand this somehow controversial rule.

FIFA, the world soccer governing body, constitutes the official soccer rules. There are 17 fundamental so-called "Laws of the Game". Some of the rules may be modified, especially for games involving kids (under 16 years of age), women, veteran players (over 35) or players with disabilities.

The following modifications are permissible:

  1. Size of the field of play.
  2. Size, weight and material of the ball.
  3. Width between the goalposts and height of the crossbar from the ground.
  4. The duration of the periods of play.
  5. Substitutions.

Further modifications are only allowed with the consent of the International Board.

Of course it applies only to members of FIFA. Any soccer organization, league or club that is not associated with FIFA may have their own rules.

US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), as a FIFA member, issues official modified FIFA rules for players:
Under 12 years old
Under 10 years old
Under 8 years old
Under 6 years old

There are also additional recommendations and explanations of these modified rules, called Rules Addendum:
Under 12 Rules Addendum
Under 10 Rules Addendum
Under 8 Rules Addendum
Under 6 Rules Addendum

I would like to recommend another great free FIFA's resource:
Law of The Game 2005- Questions & Answers
It's a large file, so be patient…it takes a while to open. But it's an awesome reference that will help you fully understand an interpretation of soccer rules.

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