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Adidas Predator Absolute
Soccer Shoes of the XXI Century? You'll be the judge.

I had to make a separate page for Adidas Predator Absolute for two reasons:

  1. I didn't want to add more content to already congested Adidas Soccer Cleats page and…I have so much info to share.
  2. Besides the main version I had felt that I should include two other models- Absolion and Absolado.

Let's take a closer look at this new soccer cleat.

For the first time Adidas made the Predator cleats from synthetic material. Besides the Predator Pulse exclusively design for David Beckham, all the Predators soccer cleats released for public sale, were made out of leather…until now.

Adidas Predator Absolute Adidas Predator Absolute But…for those who prefer leather shoes Adidas offers a Kangaroo Leather version of Predator Absolute. So before purchasing Adidas Predator Absolute make sure which version you're getting. For now the synthetic ones are kind of simple to recognize by looking at them.

They are both David Beckham's signature models, one cardinal with silver and the other - blue.

Just as a reminder - Kangaroo leather is by far the best leather. It is smooth with a rich, natural finish and is very similar in look and feel to calfskin. Kangaroo is flexible, as well as durable.

The "synthetic" model of Adidas Predator Absolute is manufactured with special microfiber technology that upgrades synthetic material, usually a PU (polyurethane). It makes the PU very soft, and strong, giving it similar feel to a natural material.

Besides the differences in the top part of the shoes these two models are identical.


Adidas Predator Absolute TRX

  • Available for:
    Adidas Predator Absolute Adidas Predator Absolute Adidas Predator Absolute
    Firm Ground (FG) Soft Ground (SG) Hard Ground (HG)

    Adidas Predator Absolute a3 is designed for turf and hard surfaces and it's build with a3 Technology in the heel that provides smooth, resilient cushioning. It also has all Predator Absolute features and is available in both, Kangaroo and Microfiber versions for average price of $95.

  • PU Outsole - split into two pieces for optimal comfort and flexibility featuring Traxion (TRX) technology for a good grip.

  • Re-engineered Predator Technology - strategically positioned liquid rubber elements in the shoe's upper that offer better ball adhesion to help you achieve more control, swerve, power and accuracy when you pass, shoot and dribble the ball.
    In the Predator Absolute this technology was re-engineered into the Power Zone on top of the forefoot for more power (?) behind a shot and the Swerve Zone on the side of the forefoot for control, swerve and accuracy.

  • Exchangeable Power Pulse - the Power Pulse technology was developed in co-operation with the University of Calgary and delivers the sort of sweet spot science usually found in golf clubs. Scientists found that shooting with these cleats increased ball speed by 5% compared to a standard soccer cleats. This technology shifts the weight and mass of the shoe (about 40 Grams) towards the forefoot (front of the shoe). It generates more power as you strike the ball.

    Adidas Predator Absolute comes with two removable insoles:

    1. Power Pulse insole with 40g weight, like Adidas Predator Pulse (just not removable).
    2. Insole without the weight, just like any Predators before Predator Pulse.
    This allows you to choose between powerful Adidas Predator and very light and more (?) comfortable Adidas Predator.

  • External Heel Counter - all shoes have a heel counter or counter reinforcement. The good, hard ones use a plastic, TR (thermoplastic resin), TPU or nylon material remolded to fit the heel of last. The purpose of the heel counter is to provide support and ensure a good fit. An external heel counter does the same thing, but it is on the outside of the heel.
    The heel counter in this new model has been re-designed into smaller but extremely strong, the dual-compound called Minimalistic External Heel Counter.

  • Asymmetrical Lacing - a style of lacing in which the laces are positioned towards inside of the foot. This creates a larger and flatter striking area.

    Average Price - $199

    JUNIOR VERSION - sizes 6 (US) and smaller is made out of Calfskin Leather; the rest is the same. Average Price - $110

    Other available colors of Adidas Predator Absolute

    Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III Nike Air Zoom Total 90 III

    For all of you shopping for Adidas Predators I put together a page with real feeds from several online stores. You can compare the prices of all Predators (currently on the market) in one place, including Absolions and Absolados . Hope that'll help.

    Don't forget to look over the Ebay Listing. The chances are you'll come across a good bargain.

    Review and Tip

    Tip! Adidas Predator Absolute cleats are definitely an outstanding soccer shoes, like all Predators. They are well build with lots of elements making them very comfortable. And that's the most important aspect of soccer cleats: comfort. And they are.

    The question is:
    Is the Adidas Predator Absolute better than its prior version Predator Pulse?
    I am not sure. Actually I don't think there is a huge improvement. Of course, in order to release a new version, Adidas had to add or change something, besides the name.

    So it did by:

    • adding another insole without 40g weight (Power Pulse) that you can exchange with Power Pulse insole and convert your soccer cleats into Predators without…Power Pulse (but much lighter). In a sense you'll convert Predator Absolute into…Predator Mania (variant before Predator Pulse).
      Is that better than just have Predators with permanent Power Pulse technology? I guess…but I am not convinced.
    • changing or re-engineering, if you like, the Predator technology. I don't care how and where they placed those rubber (or liquid rubber) elements on the shoe, it simply won't make you a player with super star quality. Sure the Predator technology might help a little but don't count on scoring goals from free kicks like Beckham or Zidane just because you have cleats with Predator elements. In order to do it all you need to do is practice, practice and once more practice.
    • changing design of the heel counter. It's smaller (which is good - more comfort) but hopefully it'll provide you with as much stability and protection as the old version.

    So, why I think Adidas Predator Absolute is not so much better than Predator Pulse?
    It's because, in my opinion, these changes (improvements?) don't make Predator Absolute more comfortable than Predator Pulse (which was already very comfortable anyway). Maybe the smaller external heel counter makes a little difference but…just a little.

    Also I am sure that your skill level or your game, shot, pass etc. won't improve just because you wear Adidas Predator Absolute with re-engineered predator elements.

    What I am trying to suggest to you is that if the money is an issue or you don't necessarily must have every new model of Adidas soccer cleats right away, take an advantage of prices "revolution" in Adidas cleats market (it always happens when a new model comes out) and get yourself a high quality soccer cleats for much less. The "old" Predators Pulse are still the same awesome shoes that they were few months ago but…much cheaper now (about 40%).

    But it’s just a suggestion.

    Less Expensive Versions

    Adidas Predator Absolion TRX

  • Available for:
    Adidas Predator Absolute Adidas Predator Absolute Adidas Predator Absolute
    Firm Ground (FG) Soft Ground (SG) Hard Ground (HG)

  • Upper is made from Full Grain Leather just like Predator Pulsion.
  • Outsole, unlike Predator Pulsion, is made out of two TPU pieces (split outsole) with Traxion technology (TRX).
  • It has Re-engineered Predator Technology and Asymmetrical Lacing.
  • These cleats don't feature Power Pulse technology or External Heel Counter.

    Average Price - $85

    JUNIOR VERSION - the same features as "adult" model; Average Price - $70

    Tip! If these cleats have at least External Heel Counter, not mentioning Power Pulse, they could be considered a less expensive version of Adidas Predator Absolute. But they don't. I was little disappointed that Adidas didn't create such a version. Therefore there is nothing special about these cleats. Of course they are still very good soccer shoes but I rather add $20-$30 and get myself a Predator Pulse.

    Adidas Predator Absolado TRX
  • Available for:
    Adidas Predator Absolute Adidas Predator Absolute
    Firm Ground (FG) Hard Ground (HG)

  • And for soft ground (SG), I am not 100% sure, but I don't think there are any. Although you still can find few web sites claiming that they have Absolado SG. What's confusing however is that these Absolado SG are supposedly made of natural leather, which would rather make them Absolion. Also their bladed studs are not replaceable, they simply look the same as the blades for firm ground. Perhaps they are much longer than FG blades but I couldn't tell since I've only seen them on the pictures. So be careful.

  • Upper: synthetic
    I don't know what kind of synthetic material exactly these cleats are made of but certainly it does not have a quality of Microfiber.

  • Outsole is the same as for the Absolion.

  • Absolado version, of course, has new Predator Elements and Asymmetrical Lacing and does not include the Power Pulse, Split Outsole or External Heel Counter.

    Average Price - $40

    JUNIOR VERSION - the same features as "adult" model; Average Price - $30

    Tip! You know what I think about cheap synthetic materials, don't you?
    If not, here it is: I hate them!
    But remember it could be just my weird aversion. However if you absolute-ly have to have the newest model's look (that's all it is - just a look, sorry) and obviously can't afford the original, then sure, why not.
    Although I think the junior version is perfect for the youngest kids.

    adidas predator absolute on ebay

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