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Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy
New Nike Soccer Cleats

What's new and different in Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy?

To's nothing much really.

Before I'll explain, let's first take a look at the general description:


Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy


  • Teijin – top Super-Microfiber material; soft, ultra-lightweight and very durable
  • Asymmetrical lacing and integrated tongue
  • External Heel Counter
  • EVA sockliner with intergrated stabilizer
  • Heel Air Zoom Unit - lightweight, incredibly thin cushioning brings the foot closer to the ground for optimum feel and aggressive maneuverability without sacrificing comfort.
  • Lightweight TPU plate with circular and blades for unique traction and motion control
  • Structural Bars – unique and innovative spinal bars; thin and hard but flexible long plates on both sides of the bottom of the shoe. They provide support, stability and motion control at all points along the foot.

Available for these types of surfaces:
FG-Firm and SG-Soft (replaceable studs)
For very hard grounds, I would recommend Nike Zoom Total Supreme TF.

List price: $170

Various colors of Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy

Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy - Click to see larger view Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy - Click to see larger view Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy - Click to see larger view Nike Zoom Total 90 Supremacy - Click to see larger view


There are two things different then in Air Zoom Total 90:

  1. The Upper is made of Teijin microfiber. It is supposedly the best synthetic material on the planet. It could be. I am not going to argue. Let's just say that it's better then KNG-100 or NikeSkin.

  2. Three circular studs in the middle have been replaced with two bladed studs. Is it better? Is this an improvement? Again, it could be, but I don't think it's a huge one.
That's all.

Well, actually, there is something else...

...a new design

Although color, design and overall appearance shouldn't really count as much as comfort, material, special features and overall performance, but I know it does. And, in my opinion, Zoom Total 90 Supremacy cleats look great, much better then AZT 90. Of course it all depends of everyone's individual preferences...his/hers likes and dislikes.


I should mention one more thing here. Midsole. I am not sure what "EVA sockliner with integrated stabilizer" means, besides that it's made from EVA material. The AZT 90's midsole features Injected Phylone, which is heated and compressed EVA foam.
Which one is better? I am sorry but I simply don't know.
Than again, do you really think it's that important? I don't.

Tip!  Just remember, every release of a new product brings usually decrease in price of the "old" version. It is not any different in this case. The price of AZT 90 dropped to average $120.
Since the differences between AZT 90 and Zoom Total 90 Supremacy are not so substantial (besides the above nuances and design), you could take the advantage of the situation and purchase great soccer cleats for much less.
After all, just couple moths ago, the AZT 90 were considered one of the best of Nike soccer cleats. I don't think they've gotten worse, haven't they?

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