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The History of Soccer
The story of a beautiful game

The history of soccer could be very fascinating, especially for those who like soccer and…history.

The history of soccer

But even if you are not the biggest fan of history (like me, for instance) but you are associated with soccer either as a player, parent, coach or a fan, I think you still should have some knowledge of soccer history.

But that's why you are here, right?

Duh! Obviously. Then let's get started.

There are many books, publications, articles and even web sites dedicated to the history of soccer. And since this is history, I thought it wouldn't make too much sense to write "my own version" of history of soccer, wouldn't it?
History is history…it should be only one version anyway. But it could be a detailed or a short version.

And here, on my site, you'll find…you guessed it……the short version of soccer history.

I've also prepared for you:
Timeline of Soccer History and Timeline of American Soccer History

But don't you worry!
If you won't find information that you've been looking for, I have selected (after browsing hundreds of web sites) the most informative and well written publication about the history of soccer.

If you're searching for a more detailed version, you can't go wrong with "The history of football" from Ken Aston Referee Society, created by Andrew Castiglione in memory of Ken Aston - the legendary soccer referee, inventor of the red and yellow cards.

"History of soccer" published by Peter Wolf is the most descriptive. It contains probably everything that is known about soccer history. You'll find lots of information about the origin of soccer games from ancient civilizations: Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Greeks and Roman as well as other civilizations like: Aztecs, American Indian and even Eskimos.
Of course the author doesn't skip parts of soccer history from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, feeding us with very detailed information about different kinds of the game, rules, regulations and interesting facts.

If you need full facts about the American history of soccer, "An Overview of American Soccer History" by Dave Litterer is the most comprehensive publication I've come across.

Also his "Women's Soccer History in the USA: An Overview" is definitely the best resource on the Internet referring to the above subject.

If you are looking for some facts from History of Women Soccer, this brief version should be sufficient.

History of Women Soccer

I have also found two very interesting articles from BBC Sports, referring to the beginnings of organized women's soccer:
"Trail-blazers who pioneered women's football"
"How women's football battled for survival"

Well, that should cover it. I hope you have found enough information and resources about the history of soccer.

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