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Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho
Soccer cleats designed by the Brazilian star

Nike is finally catching up with others.
Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho are the third, along with Air Legend and new Total90 Laser, soccer cleats made with Kangaroo Leather.

Tiempo Ronaldinho cleats have been designed on the foundations of the best Nike's soccer cleats (just in my opinion) - Nike Air Legends.

A few changes (or improvements), mainly inspired by Ronaldinho himself, place these cleats at the top of not only Nike cleats but also all soccer cleats. Not mentioning the price that again like in case of Air Legends is very reasonable.


Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho


  • Kangaroo leather - the best type of leather there is; very soft, strong and easily molds to your feet (I know, I repeat myself).
  • Unique five-eye lacing system covered with a super soft fold over tongue, secured with Velcro.
  • Expanded "sweet spot" in the in-step and inner foot area for purer ball contact.
  • The full-length PEEVA sock liner with Poron inserts provides a low to ground feel.
  • High-density EVA arch support and supple leather lined around the heel.
  • Lightweight TPU with three forefoot flex-groove zones for comfort and flexibility.
  • TPU tips on the studs for better ball control with the sole of the shoe.

Available for these types of surfaces:
FG-Firm Ground and SG-Soft Ground (replaceable studs).

Other colors of Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho (so far)

Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho


Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho has been developed primarily for Ronaldinho and by…Ronaldinho.

Of course it is not entirely true. Although he had a big input in the creation of the shoe, he didn't really design it himself.

His role was first to express to Nike's designing team what he expects from the new cleats that could improve his performance. Basically Nike's designers needed to know what he thought should be changed and/or improved in Air Legends.

Then his involvement in the process was to try on and train with the prototype and provide Nike's team with some feedback.

So what were his suggestions that had been implemented into the Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho?

  • He wanted to have a bigger, open and smoother sweet spot (the part of the shoe you strike the ball with) with not a lot of details on top.

    This was achieved by creating a five-loop (instead of seven) lacing system covered with a very soft fold over tongue and very smooth overlay from toe to metatarsal area.

  • Although Heel Air Zoom Unit makes the foot sit very comfortably inside the shoe and supposedly brings the foot closer to the ground, Ronaldinho felt it still kept him too high to the ground. He wanted to feel like he was almost playing barefoot.

    The Nike's team replaced the Air Zoom with high performance air cushioning Poron. It provides enough comfort while brings the feet a bit lower to the ground.

  • Finally he wished for even more flexible outsole plate and to have a better grip against the ball for his fancy moves that involve using the bottom of the cleat.

    Again Ronaldinho's wish was accomplished by adding a rough textured tip to each stud. Three flexible grooves in the forefoot area were formulated ensuring even more flexibility of the outsole plate.

Without a doubt, based on Brazilian's suggestions, Nike created an excellent, traditionally styled soccer cleats. It really seems like playing with these cleats may actually improve any player's performance. I haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I certainly can't wait.

I think out of all Nike soccer cleats, Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho are the best ones so far. Followed by Air Legends, which still remain fantastic cleats. Furthermore, a very acceptable price makes them both, Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho and Air Legends, a whole lot better.

Nike tiempo ronaldinho on ebay

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