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By playing professional soccer and now having 2 teenage boys on competitive soccer teams I know how fundamental it is for player's development to be familiar with Soccer Tactics. You might think that you know enough about it. Trust me, there is never enough of education. I know, you probably don't like word education too much.
But this is about your passion: Soccer. So let's get to the point.

Soccer Tactics is overall approach to a game by a soccer team. Each player has to implement team tactics by making decisions (individual tactics) during a game. In other words almost every choice you make on the field will (at least should) comply with your team tactics. If you don't understand them well enough you will be confused during the game.

I also urge parents to take a look at this brief introduction to soccer tactics. I don't think you need to become a smart soccer player J but do you remember our (actually mine) discussion about turning yourself into Soccer Expert? This is a good step towards it.

How many times you were confused or even upset that your son or daughter:

  • were not on the starting line-up,
  • or substituted early in a game,
  • or played different position or even formation than usually?

    I am pretty sure that at least 50% of the time, it happened because of team tactics set up by coach. Go ahead then and find out more about soccer tactics.

    I don't plan to cover every single aspect of soccer tactics here…I would probably have to write a whole book. It wouldn't be a smart idea, since there are hundreds of books already on the market, would it?
    Besides, I think that the best way (besides practicing, of course) of taking your game to the higher level is by watching others play.

    Therefore I'd suggest you to consider purchasing an instructional DVD or Video regarding soccer tactics (team, individual, offensive, defensive etc.) and then watch it…even with your parents (actually that would be even better). I guarantee it would make you a better player.

    The only question is which DVD should you get and where?

    I buy all my soccer DVDs and books at They have unbelievable selection, very reasonable prices and fast and reliable shipment.

    Now, which DVD? Considering that something is better than nothing, any of these visual learning resources would be a good choice. But if I need to point one out, it would have to be my favorite:

    International Tactics - Group Attacking and Defending (2 DVDs)

    Disc One: Attacking
  • Role of the 2nd attacker
  • Recognizing and creating numerical
  • Superiority
  • Combination play
  • Key technical factors
  • Role of the 3rd attacker
  • Finding space
  • Penetration: Using space
  • Attacking a zone
  • Timing of runs in the different thirds
  • Foundations of team attacking
  • Disc two: Defending
  • Role of the 2nd attacker
  • Covering
  • Tracking
  • Double-teaming
  • Defending combination play
  • Role of the third defender
  • Generalities of zonal defending
  • International Tactics - Individual Attacking and Defending (2 DVDs)

    Disc One: Attacking
  • Strategy
  • Attacking tactics
  • What is pressure
  • Shooting
  • Visual Cues
  • Dribbling & passing to relieve pressure
  • Disc Two: Defending
  • Disc Two: Defending
  • Strategy
  • Defending Tactics
  • Situations
  • Fair challenges
  • Defending attackers with/without the ball
  • Visual Cues
  • Closing Down
  • The Vital Area
  • Considerations in the 3 thirds of the field
  • Transition
  • Practically these four DVDs demonstrate team and individual soccer tactics from every angle. That's all you need. Watch it, analyze it and then use it on the field. It helped my sons (especially the older one) tremendously. After watching it all few times (actually I had to make them watch it, at first), they understood the game of soccer from different prospective and became much smarter, advanced and "grown" soccer players.

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