My Youth Soccer Guide


by Leahanna
(Chicago, IL, USA)

One afternoon playing in a tournament, a qualifying game none the less, I was the victim of unfair reffing.

We were loosing 1-0 in a game against a team much worse then my own. Obviously frustrated, I wasn't about to let any girl knock me over. I played hard, but clean. Apparently some people just cant handle that. while shielding the ball on the sideline, a little 5'nothing girl jumped on my back and started to naw at my shoulder.
Frightened to this unexpected cannibalism, i threw my back backwards propelling the garble off! The game went on. However the girl layed in a ball on the ground. She had broken her braces and split her lip. She had to be carried off the field.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the ref called me over, pulled out that little black book, and out from it sprung a red card. "WHAT DID I DO?" I screamed! he replied softly, "Just because I didn't see it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Now get off my field." I tried to defend myself, insisting that if he did not have a reason he could not throw me off. He stood his ground tho. I slowly marched off the field, knowing nothing could be done. I was thrown out of the entire tournament, coming all this way for nothing.

After the game, parents from my team ran up to him with videos trying to show him he had made a mistake. I even went as far as showing him the bite marks printed in my shoulder from the girl (jaws). Again he would not admit he had made a mistake and benched me from the championship game. My team lost with no subs.

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