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Flying Wellendas

by Bill M
(Tonawnada NY - Erie)

Have you ever watched a game to see one player take a run at another player, leap into the air, leaving their feet and throw themselves at another player?

Well this past weekend at a soccer tournament at Lancaster high school in Lancaster NY, this is exactly what occurred at a 9:30 a.m. Sunday game for a Girls U19 game on field 4.

I thought the trapeze team showed up instead of the opposing soccer team...

The Ref for this game, a dark haired lad, was the referee but I think he was watching another game because he was making calls that did not apply to our game at all.

This sort of ref is dangerous because by not calling such dangerous calls, the ref is actually allowing kids to get hurt.

To be honest, I almost made a call to CPS against what this ref was doing, or not doing.

One of the goals that he allowed went like this.

1) girl kicks ball from 40' away ( round ball )
2) Round Ball hits flat surface of square post.
3) round ball bounces off flat face of round post
4) round ball retrieved in the goal box by goalie and punted away.
5) 27 seconds later, ref calls it a goal...
6) I want this magic ball so it can studied.

Was this ref watching our game or was he recovering from the night before and his brain was on delay...

What can be done about such refs... Maybe he was dating one of the girls on the other team? Maybe he was related to the girls n the other team?
Who knows

Bad bad officiating !!!!!!!!

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