My Youth Soccer Guide

Types of Soccer Camps

by Lynn
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Day Camps

This type is ideal for young, beginning players. For many kids, day soccer camps, which focus on learning basic skills and having fun, are their first camp experience. This is a good choice for little kids who want to go to camp but aren't ready to leave home or those who might not have the time or money to go away.

Residential Camps
Residential (also called overnight) camps are designed for dedicated premier-level soccer players. There is a heave emphasis on fundamental skills, tactics and game play. Residential camps can last from 4-5 days to 2-3 weeks. Most of them offer morning and afternoon instructional sessions, followed by evening scrimmages of additional practice session.

Advanced Residential Camps
This type of camp is good for passionate, highly skilled players who may want more training. These camps are typical for travel players and up, including premier, select and ODP players. Advanced camps take individual skill training and tactical education to the next level. They also offer nutrition, strength training, sport's psychology and college soccer sessions.

College Camps
These are usually closely connected soccer. Overnight camps are held on college campuses, run by college coaches and players from that college's team. They provide a taste of the college experience, covering lots of items of interest to a high school junior and senior: SAT preparation, administration process, recruiting, NCAA rules and regulations, scholarships and more.

There are also specialty camps like:
Goalkeeper Camps
Striker Camps
Girls Camps
International Camps (fun but expensive).

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