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World Class (NY) is well known & well regarded!

by Ray Chin
(New Windsor, NY)

Last summer 2012, our gals Club Travel Team got a group together to go & earn a group discount & had our own group for training. It sure was a hot summer here in NY.

The 1st day was introductory & got into conditioning drills. Apparently, 1st day drills turned out to be bit intensive where some gals tired & needed hydration. As the day progressed some gals got nauseous (including mine who threw up on the sidelines but kept going)& had to request a break to the cool lunch room. Then after some more drills couple of our gals complained their legs hurt. The Coach got nasty & called the gals names, lazy, accusing them of copping out of doing the drills. but when it was explained they had leg injuries during the winter/spring he still thought they were lying! He became quite rude & treated the gals like they were boys on his Jersey HS team - like dirt!

We had presumed trainers would have reviewed the medical release forms for any specific issues which were identified. Guess not! Needless to say the gals complained & our Coach brought it up with the Director & we were assigned a new Coach the next day.
What a pleasure! A Brazilian native friendly fun & funny! Made the gals experience so much more wonderful - what a contrast! (where some gals wanted to quit that's how bad it was with this one fellow!).

Overall, the gals were much improved - our daughter especially! btw - her younger brother also attended & had fun. They liked it so much we enrolled for a 2nd session w/o our team. Highly recommend but it is very pricey!

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